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1.  Entry Fee for Artwork

  • $20 per Adult entry for category sections 1 to 4;

  • $5 per Student entry for any category;

  • entry fees are non-refundable except under the circumstance of the event being cancelled;

  • see entry form for payment methods.

​2.  Entry Fee and Completed Entry form are to be received by 5:00pm, Friday 3 May, 2024.  Late entries will not be accepted.

3.  A maximum of two entries per artist including Student per Category Sections 1-4; and one entry per student per Category Sections 5-6, will be accepted.

4.  A collaborative work is seen as an entry by each individual collaborator.  Should a collaborative work win a prize/award, the prize/award is shared by each
     individual collaborator.

5.  Each year the 1770 Art Show strives to exhibit every entry.  Your entry may be subject to selection and unable to be exhibited. 

6.  Works not complying with the Conditions of Entry or deemed offensive can be ineligible for the exhibition as determined by the Judge and/or the 1770 Art
     Show Committee.  The Judge’s and/or the Committee’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.


Section 1:  Easel Works

Mixed media, acrylic, collage, oil paint etc, on non-paper-based supports eg canvas, masonite.

Section 2:  Works on Paper

Drawing, watercolour, collage, mixed media, print, etc. on paper-based supports.

Section 3:  Three Dimensional & Fibre Works

Pottery hand built / wheel thrown, sculpture including maquettes, carving, assemblage, timber, metal, stone, plastics, fibre, etc.

Section 4:  Digital Works

Photography, moving image, animation, soundscapes etc.  Any music must be copyright-free, any use of commercial music which is not licensed to the entrant will be disqualified.  Digital Works will be displayed on televisions on a looping show reel, possibly with other entries.

Section 5:  High School

A4 to A3 size, unframed works on paper only.  Any medium including paint, pencil, crayon, mixed media and photography. One artwork per student.
High School Student entry only.

Section 6:  Primary School

A4 to A3 size, unframed works on paper only.  Any medium including paint, pencil, crayon, mixed media and photography.  One artwork per student.  Primary School Student entry only.


7.  All entries must be the original, unaided work of the entrant and must have been created after Sunday 14 May, 2023.

8.  Maximum Artwork Dimensions including frame and mount:

  • Two Dimensional Works including frame:  1800mm H x 1800mm W

  • Three Dimensional and Fibre Works:  1800mm H x 1800mm W x 1500mm D.  Must be able to be safely carried by up to 2 people (including stand/support).

  • Digital Works excluding Photography:  MP3/MP4 files only, supplied on USB.  Duration maximum 3 minutes, including credits.

9.  All entries are eligible for First and Second Overall prizes, Hangers’ Award and People’s Choice Award.



Local Artist Award: 

Entrants in any category, who tick the Local Artist Award box on the Entry Form and who must be a resident of the following post code areas, are eligible:

  • 4674:  Baffle Creek, Berajondo, Deepwater, Euleilah, Mt Maria, Oyster Creek, Rosedale, Rules Beach, Taunton, Wartburg;

  • 4676:  Lowmead;

  • 4677:  Agnes Water, Captain Creek, Colosseum, Eurimbula, Miriam Vale, Mount Tom, Round Hill, Seventeen Seventy.

Emerging Artist Award: 

Entrants in any category, who tick the Emerging Artist Award box on the Entry Form and meet the following criteria, are eligible:

  • artist in the process of establishing a professional practice;

  • have exhibited artwork and created a modest independent body of work;

  • may have had other artwork accepted into competitions;

  • have been working to establish an art practice for at least five years;

  • are not yet formally represented by a major commercial gallery;

  • may be self-taught or have specialist credentials from Visual Art and Design courses through university or college.

  • must provide evidence of the above, by supplying a short, 100-word maximum Artist Biography.

Marine Environment Art Award: 

Entrants in any category, who tick the Marine Environment Art Award box on the Entry Form and meet the following criteria, are eligible:

  • must have work created with reclaimed marine and waterway debris;

  • other artistic material such as canvas, paint, glue, string and similar can also be used to ensure structural stability of the finished work;

  • the use of living or once living entities found in marine and waterway environments ie shells, coral, seaweed, etc including any hazardous material, is to be avoided and will disqualify the entry for consideration;

  • entrant must include an Artist’s Statement (maximum 100 words) explaining their ideas and the marine debris used.

People’s Choice Award: 

All entrants are eligible, as voted by the public while visiting the exhibition.  The winner will be announced and notified at the completion of the exhibition.

Hangers’ Award: 

All entrants are eligible, as selected by the 1770 Art Show Committee.

Quilters Award: 

Only members and exhibitors of the Agnes Water Quilting Group are eligible to receive this award.



10.  Any artwork that has won a prize at any previous art exhibit.

11.  Workshop projects and commercially produced kits.

12.  All works completed prior to 14 May 2023.

13.  Quilts (quilts can be entered in the quilting exhibition by members of the Agnes Water Quilters only).

14.  Any works that do not comply with the 1770 Art Show Conditions of Entry.



15.  Artworks to be hung must be fitted with D-rings 100mm from top of frame for larger works and 50mm for smaller works. 

16.  Stands or supports must be provided for Three Dimensional Works and both artwork and support must be able to be safely carried by up to 2 people.

17.  Each artwork must have the official 1770 Art Show Info Tag with all required information completed:

  • securely attached to the back lower left corner or base of each artwork;

  • securely attached to USB for Digital Works;

18.  Works with multiple components requiring special assembly must include clear assembly instructions and a photo/sketch of the installation.



19.   Mailed (Australia Post) artwork entries:

  • must be posted to 1770 Art Show Inc., PO Box 304, Agnes Water  Qld  4677

  • must be received by 5:00pm, Friday 3 May, 2024; late entries will not be accepted;

  • are at the expense and responsibility of the entrant;

  • must be adequately and securely packaged.  Packaging will be retained for return of artwork.

  • must include return postal costs by way of postage stamps/prepaid postage enclosed with mailed artwork.  This will be returned to entrant if artwork is sold at the 1770 Art Show.

 20.   Hand delivered or couriered artwork entries:

  • must be delivered to 1770 Art Show Inc., c/- Agnes Water Community Centre, 71 Springs Road, Agnes Water Qld 4677;

  • must be delivered on Saturday 18 May 2024 between 10:00am and 12:00pm; late entries will not be accepted;

  • if delivered by entrant, packaging is to be removed and kept by entrant;

  • if couriered, must include prepaid return consignment note, which will be returned to entrant, if artwork is sold at the 1770 Art Show.

  • if couriered, must be adequately and securely packaged.  Packaging will be retained for return of artwork.



21.   Artworks must be collected between 4.30pm and 6:00pm Sunday, 26 May 2024.

22.   Entrants will be advised prior to the above times, should their artwork be sold.

23.   Collection by agent, friend or family member must have written permission from artist.  Proof of identity of the collector will be required.

24.   No responsibility is taken for unclaimed entries.

25.   Artworks not collected on the specified date will incur a $50 handling and storage fee for up to two weeks, payable by the entrant before artwork will be
        released.  Artworks not collected after two weeks will become the property of 1770 Art Show Inc.

Document with Pen



Entries now closed
Entries now closed

Select the "Online Entry Form" button to complete your Entry Form online. You will be directed to another page and once submitted, you will receive a confirmation email. 

Should you prefer to complete the form by hand, please select "Print Entry Form".  Check out the Conditions of Entry to find out where printed forms can be submitted.


Remember to print your Info Tags and securely attach to your artwork as per 2024 Conditions of Entry.

Entry Fee payment methods can be found in the 2024 Conditions of Entry.  Entry Fees must be received prior to entry deadline date for Entry to be accepted.

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