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The annual Quilting Exhibition is organized by the Agnes Water Quilting Group, a small group of creative women celebrating their craft and Community Spirit.  

For the first two years, the exhibition was displayed at the Agnes Water State School hall.  In 2012, the Quilt Show joined with the 1770 Art Show and created a colourful backdrop to the overall show displayed at the Agnes Water Community Hall.  This was a great event for both Shows and was very well received by the Community.

Both the Art Show and Quilt Show grew too large for one hall, so in 2019, after agreement and assistance from Gladstone Regional Council, the “Old” Community Hall became the new home for the Quilting Exhibition.  With more space to exhibit the Quilts, the talented quilters also started the Quilter’s Café and Market Stall selling handmade delights and items throughout the duration of the 1770 Art Show and Quilting Exhibition.

Impressed by the skills of the Quilting Group, Stephen Bennett, Member for Burnett, wished to acknowledge their talent, so in 2013 he became a most valued Sponsor and Friend to the Agnes Water Quilting Group's Exhibition - a partnership which still continues.

Only members of the Agnes Water Quilting Group are eligible to show their work at this exhibition.


For any further information regarding the Agnes Water Quilting Exhibition, please contact Lynne Tye 0438 725 067.

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