Quilting and Textiles


The Agnes Water Quilting Group originally “Busy Bees” has been an integral part of the local community for 20 +years with the group experiencing many changes in our craft over those years. These include fabric designs, modern quilting method and of course not least equipment. Quilters have moved on whilst new members have come along bringing new ideas and methods for our craft.

Our Group has adapted and although the numbers in our group is small at the moment, it has not changed the enthusiasm for our craft as can been seen at the annual Quilt Exhibition that is held in conjunction with the 1770 Art Show in May.

​Throughout the years the Group has been involved in many quilt projects for fundraising for various local groups and individuals within the Community.  


If you would like to learn more about our group please contact Karen 0417 106 884 or come along

for coffee at the SES Shed, Thursdays 9.30am.

The Story of the Car Quilt

Late last year it was decided that the Quilters needed something extraordinary to advertise our upcoming Quilt Display, May 20 – May 23rd 2021 at the Agnes Water “old” Community Hall.

We hadn’t met as a group since the Covid19 entry into our lives but in October last year we finally got together.   The Show was going ahead for 2021 and Karen thought a Car Quilt was a great idea for us to tackle as we probably had heaps of Quilt blocks sitting around our sewing rooms waiting for just this idea.  Seemed like an easy solution…..

We needed a car so Karen offered her ISUZU wagon… we never gave it a thought at the time that this was the biggest car in the car park…. After we began joining all the blocks that came in, we measured the car.  We needed the car quilt to be at least 22 feet long x 18 feet wide (quilters work in old measurement).   This quilt just kept growing and growing. 

Chris Dixon offered to do the windscreen.  WOW, it made the quilt. Chris has put so much detail in this piece even down to the seat belt straps.


There has been so many hands working on this endeavour and thanks to Margaret Dawson, Karen Thompson, Lorna Chambers, Min Matthews, Loz Lees, Gwen Shields, Stacy Biller, Chris Dixon,  Michelle Borbas, Michelle Edwards, and Lynne Tye … it is finally finished.

All our personalities can be seen through the blocks that we gave and pieced into this quilt reflecting our Group…. BIG, BRIGHT AND PLAYFUL.

Just a word if anyone else is wanting to try this idea…


Quilters PRIZE 2021 at SES Grounds - FIN

Winner - Lynne Tye for her quilt called "Big Little Stars"

Sponsored by Mr. Stephen Bennett M.P. Member for Burnett