Over $16,000 in Cash & Prizes


ARTWORK DELIVERY by Mail must be received by Friday May 15
ARTWORK INTAKE Sunday May 17 between 2pm to 4pm
ARTWORK COLLECTION Sunday May 31 between 10am to 12noon


attach to back of artwork






            To ensure your artwork is eligible for entry, arrives safely and on time, and can be accepted

& displayed read all of the following:


PLEASE NOTE: artworks will not be accepted if larger

or heavier than specified.


ALL ARTWORKS a maximum size of 180cm x 180cm

maximum weight of 10kg  

SCULPTURES MUST be able to be carried by 2 people

MOTION/ANIMATION Supply USB - formats MP3, MP4 size upto 5MB on loop 

USB must be recieved by May 1, 2020 to view content before exhibition

1. The published amount of an award will not be divided in any section. An award may be withheld if in the judge’s opinion          none of the works submitted is of an acceptable standard.

2. Entrants shall allow their work to be photographed without a fee during the exhibition for promotional material either digital      or printed.

3. The 1770 Art Show accepts NO responsibility for loss or damage. Entrants are encouraged to arrange for their own                  insurance. 

4. The decision of the judge is final. The 1770 Art Show will not enter into any discussion or correspondence regarding the          judge’s decision on the prize awards. 

5. The 1770 Art Show reserves the right to reject any work submitted. Artworks will be rejected if not complying with size &          weight requirements indicated.

6. Entry fee is $20.00 per Adult entry and for students $5.00 per entry. 

7. All entry fees are non-refundable and must accompany the Entry Form.

8. Due date: Payment of total entry fee and completed entry form must be received by Friday, May 1, 2020.


9.  All entries must be the unaided work of the entrant alone. All artwork must have been completed within 12 months prior to       the Friday MAY 1, 2020.  Artwork entered cannot have won a prize at any previous art exhibit. Workshop projects and               commercially produced kits are not eligible.

10. Up to two (2) pieces of artwork may be entered in each section. All works must comply with framing, maximum size and          weight requirements to be eligible for entry.

11. A 20% commission will be retained by the 1770 Art Show on all sales. (Excluding student sections.)

12. All pieces of artwork must be clearly labeled on the back with an official INFO TAG in a lower corner with the entrant’s              name, address, phone number, title of artwork, section number, medium & selling price.                                    
     (Download ARTWORK INFO TAG from link above).

13. Titles and/or prices may not be changed from those listed on the entry form.

14. Paintings, photographs, textiles and other artwork to be hung for display must be fitted with D-rings and hanging wire, as        shown on illustration. Paintings and photographs on stretcher frames will be accepted with all staples at the back, and            the image continued around all four sides of the canvas.

15. Stretcher frames must also be fitted with D-rings and hanging wire. 
16. Artwork(s) may be posted to: 1770 Art Show, PO Box 304, Agnes Water, QLD 4677, and must arrive by Friday MAY 1,              2020.  We advise entrants to insure their artworks and to use adequate packing materials. Packing materials will be                  labeled and retained for repacking. Sufficient stamps/payment must be included for artwork(s) to be returned by post.

17. Artwork(s) arriving by hand must be delivered to Agnes Water Community Centre, 71 Springs Rd., Agnes Water, between       2pm and 4pm on Sunday, May 17, 2020. Artwork(s) arriving after this time will not be accepted.

18. Collection of artwork(s) is between 10am and 12noon Sunday, May 31, 2020. No artwork may be removed before then.  If        you are unable to collect your artwork, please make prior arrangements. Pickup by agent with written permission and              proof of identity is required. 

19. Works NOT collected on Sunday, May 31, 2020 will incur a $50 handling and storage fee for up to two weeks, after                  which time the artwork(s) become property of the convenor.

20. You must be the copyright owner of the video/time lapse/short film imaging. This imaging must have been                                taken/shot/filmed/videoed within the last 12 months.

21. Files must be supplied on USB and include file Formats of MP3, MP4 files only.  Approximate size up to 5MB and on a              loop.

22. Entries are limited to one video/time lapse/short film or multimedia entry.

23  Duration is maximum 3 minute/180 seconds including any titles. Any music must be copyright free, any use of                          commercial  music which is not licensed to you will be disqualified.

24. ENTRIES MUST BE INCLUDED with ENTRY FORM by Friday May 1, 2020, so they can be viewed prior to the          1770 Art Show. Entries can be rejected if it does not apply to our Conditions of Entry or is offensive.

Download Brochure, Entry Form and Info Tags

How to Enter

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